Serena williams plastic surgery

Serena williams plastic surgery

Serena Williams being a superstar on the tennis court is always a remarkable personality. Her contributions in tennis are unmatched. The talks of her physical appearance always remain under discussion. Now, her recent look has left fans stunned as she has gone through a plastic surgery. 

Serena Williams is another name of strength and resilience. She has won many titles and outclassed the opponents. Moreover, her body shape, her physical features, and muscular body remains under speculation. 

Let’s explore the reasons behind her making the decisions of plastic surgery, also the process of the procedure. Moreover the impact of this feature changing therapy on her self-confidence will also be explored. 

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Attacks on Serena’s physical appearance 

Serana, a former American tennis star who ruled the tennis court for over 20 years. She was truly remarkable in her field. She faces severe criticism throughout her journey regarding the appearance and black color. Tennis was considered as the game of white people but doing remarkably well in it Serena was declared as inhumane by the white people. Moreover, the black community also questioned her femininity. 

The black color of Serana became a reason of hatred in commentary and in public. During her journey as a tennis star she broke many records that became the reason for hate and anti-Black attacks. A win in French Open back in June 2015, led to severe criticism and she was being resembled to an animal. However, the criticism started even before that, in the 2001 BNP Paribas Open tournament, he and her sister faced hate from the audience. 

She boycotted the grand event for ten years because of the cruel treatment and harsh statements. During that decade she broke many records including 23 grand slam singles titles, four Olympic gold medals, 14 grand slam doubles titles. After this successful career she got a title of  “Serena Slam.” Moreover, she is married to Alexis Ohanian and the couple have two daughters as well. 

The decision of Serena to undergo a surgery seems to be taken to boost up her self confidence. Moreover, the harsh reaction of the public might be another reason. Let’s explore the reasons which led Serana to take that decision. 

The Pressure of the Spotlight

The spotlight comes with severe pressure and criticism. Audience not only reacts to your job but also physical appearance and facial looks. It is not only the case with Serena, that she had to undergo plastic surgery to gain confidence, but every celebrity figure. It is unexplainable why celebrities have to face such severe criticism. 

It is not understandable for the public to comprehend what the sports stars require to do well in their professions. They must have to build muscles to be physically strong and patience to calm their minds. Celebrities have to face the media and they are in the public eye which could be challenging for them to maintain their self esteem. 

Serena’s Decision

Serena remained exceptional throughout her career as a professional tennis star. It was evident in her talks that her physical appearance affects her self confidence. Although she had made clear that her process of undergoing surgery was personal, it is clear that the insecurities led her to take that decision. Let’s talk about the possibilities that led her to take that decision: 


Although being a superstar, Serena had to face many criticisms regarding her facial features. She talked about the insecurities that she had to face during her two decades of the journey as a tennis star. Despite being good in her sport she felt pressured regarding her color, features, and muscular body. 

Serena had many records which are enough to define her. The looks of anyone cannot be a topic of discussion for people but still it remains a highlight. Sports accomplishments and ideals of beauty are topics of frequent conversation. Serena had to go for a surgery to overcome the fear of criticism and to develop a positive image. 


It is quite clear that the decision that Serena took was not because of meeting the criteria of beauty set by the public. She was in the limelight for more than 20 years and never took that decision and faced everything that came to her. Now, after her retirement, undergoing facial surgery can be a reason for self improvement. She was aware that the process of facial surgery can help her achieve a comfortable and confident personality. 


It was completely a life changing decision for Serena to have facial surgery. This decision can transform herself completely and help her in accepting herself and gaining confidence. After the surgery, she faced the world in a better way than she used to do before that.  

Process of Facial Surgery 

A process to enhance a person’s facial features is called facial surgery. It is also known as cosmetic surgery and involves various procedures of enhancements. The person undergoing this often takes this decision with careful thoughts. It involves the risk of not giving desired results. It is obvious that Serena took that decision after detailed consultations. 

Consultation and Planning

It is being reported that Serena took a long time to do consultation with her medical team to decide to go under surgery. The team was based on the experts of the field as well as the experienced professionals. After the approval from tea she took that decision by considering that the process will get her the desired results. 

The process of surgery 

Serena kept the process of surgery that she has undergone hidden . Usually the celebrities do not reveal and keep it private. Moreover, it is important to know that there are various procedures involved in facial surgery. Each process of surgery serves a different purpose like the rhinoplasty is helpful in facelifting. Each process is done considering the desire of the person having it.  

Impact of Surgery on Serana’s life 

It can be estimated that the decision of surgery has a positive impact on seren’s life. It proved helpful in uplifting the self-confidence of the tennis star. Moreover, the decision that she took was personal, not for acceptance in public. 

Empowerment and Confidence

This process of surgery led to a sense of empowerment for Serena. Her physical appearance and tone completely changed after going into the procedure. Self confidence is a tool to feel empowered and the same is the case of Serena. She continued to inspire generations with her athleticism and courage in and out of the field. 


Many celebrity figures usually hide the talks of surgery regarding them but Serena remained open about it. She was a role model in the field and her acceptance of the procedure made her so in off the field too. She used to carry her natural features throughout her tennis star journey and faced criticism. Later, after undergoing a procedure she encouraged others to make a choice regarding their features to gain confidence. 


To conclude, Serena Williams took the decision of undergoing surgery as completely her personal choice. It was evident that no public pressure led her to take the decision. She had insecurities regarding her facial features thus to uplift her self confidence and appearance she took the decision. The increasing confidence was evident in her personality. Being a celebrity figure, her appearance was always under discussion that ultimately led her to change herself according to her desires to be a more accepted figure.

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