N3ON and Sam Frank: Arrest in Dubai and Confession


N3on is the YouTube name of Rangesh Mutama who is an Indian Content creator. He is present on Kick and YouTube platforms under this famous name N3ON. He usually posts gaming videos like NBA 2k and 1vs1 commentary. These types of video content gained him popularity. 

He recently got the attention of fans, after being arrested in Dubai with his girlfriend. He was alleged to video shoot in a prohibited place. The death news of both has left their fans stunned and no one believed it to be true. Moreover, the cause of death for both these as told is Dubai Flood. 

N3on’s Biography 

Real NameRangesh Mutama
Born August 13, 2004
BirthplaceUnited States
Age19 years
Profession Youtuber, Streamer 
Platforms Youtube and Kick 
Subscribers 833K
Channel dateMay 2016. 

N3ON is a gamer and started YouTube in 2016. He has been doing commentary on different games. Moreover, he is getting popular on YouNow because of his live streams. He belongs to India and his brother is also on YouTube platform. 

N3ON announced his relationship with a fellow social media star Sam Frank. In 2021, he got into an online fight with a fellow gamer Faze Jarvis. 

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Who is Sam Frank?

She is a 21 years old TikTok star who does lip synching and dance videos. TikTok became the reason for her getting famous and the second eason was her relationship with famous streamer N3ON. Moreover, she participated in Miss Philippines USA and got a title of 2nd runner-up. 

After a successful journey on TikTok, Sam decided to join Kick, another social media platform. This was the platform which became the reason for the collaboration of both these stars. She is among the most followed stars on Kick having almost 35k followers while on TikTok 370K. 

In a recent controversy, both Sam and N3ON were in Dubai shooting for a video and arrested there. After the continuous disappearance of both on any social media platform led the speculations that both are dead facing the flooding situation in Dubai. Fans of both these social media stars became worried after getting this news.

N3ON jailed in Dubai

According to recent reports on behalf of a streamer Adin Ross, a couple was filming in a prohibited area. They both did not take permission from concerned authorities and thus were arrested over this matter. 

The rumor got spread regarding the couple’s death because of their absence from social media platforms. Both of them posted on 5 april on their social media accounts. After that there was no activity done by them. People started tagging them in different posts but got no reply which made it even concernful. 

N3ON Confession

All the speculation went in vain when the streamer returned to streaming. In his 30 minutes of stream he confessed that both he and Sam were arrested in Dubai. He said the reason for the arrest was the same as was already speculated on the internet. 

He took responsibility for the actions which led to this incident. He clarified that his cameraman unintentionally captured the cops standing on the place of shooting. He took all the accountability on himself, not on his team. Moreover, he mentioned that he fired his security team as well. 

In his stream, he told about the 37 hours of his captivity in police custody. He further clarified that Dubai is a safest city where you have to face the consequences of anything done wrong. He posted on X(Twitter) with a picture captioned “I’m back”.

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