Makima: The Enigmatic Control Devil and Her Role in Chainsaw Man


Makinma is the part of Chainsaw Man Part 1 named as Public Safety Saga. Her role was of an antagonist of the Gun Devil Arc. Moreover, she is also a leader of the Public Safety Devil Hunter organization in the anime. She portrayed herself as an admirer of Chainsaw Man. 

This anime series was against all the devils to eradicate evil from the world. Thus, Makima was appointed as the leader to do so. She at the end turns out to be among the devils as well. She wanted to use Denji’s body to end the devil of the world and make the world a better place to live. 

Makima’s Physical Appearance 

Makima is a symbol of beauty in this world. Moreover, she has red hair and possesses a hairstyle like a braid. She has hair bangs to her eye length. Her eye color is golden and her looks are so calm that shows her seriousness about the job. 

As she is also a Devil Hunter so dresses up like them. She wears a black suit just like businessmen along with a white shirt with a black tie inside. For casual dressing, she wears a white jacket without buttons over a black dress. She wears long black stockings with high heeled shoes. 

Mostly, during her beach meetings her go to dress is always a plain black dress. When she was shot, she showed resemblance with a faux anger. After that, she was seen wearing a black jacket over white shirt and black pants. 

Who Exactly is Makima?

She is a deceiving character not being the one as she seems like. Apparently, she is an amazing lady in her twenties and having positive thoughts. Moreover, Denji, also got impressed by her gentle traits, who treats him like a human that nobody ever does. He even had some feelings for her which completely changed after their fight. 

Makima has deceiving looks but could not sustain for longer time. Soon, her cunning nature got revealed in front of everyone. She is one of those devils who look innocent apparently but cunning inside. Being a senior member of Public Safety Devil Hunters she enjoys various authorities. 

Makima has strong devil powers and she knows when and how to use them. She fights with great control to take an advantage over it. Moreover, she does not treat other people like humans and never feels guilty of harming them. It means she takes pride in harming others and never regretting it. 

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Makima’s Hobbies

She has the habit of consuming alcohol while sitting alone. Moreover, she loves to dominate and control other people. That’s why she does not accept any violation of rules. She keeps dogs as her pets. In addition, she is obsessed with Pochita instead of Denji. She does not value other people and considers them ordinary except Chainsaw Man. 

Makima’s Goals

She has different goals and wants to achieve all of those. She apparently has an affair with Denji but deep down as an attachment for Pochita. Moreover, she helps him revive also. In addition, she guides the Japanese Prime Minister to be in a better world. Later, she defeated Chainsaw Man also. 

It is part of her goals to use the power of Chainsaw Man to end all the world’s devils to establish peace throughout the world. She has a wish to start a happy life with Pochita despite knowing the fact that she cannot pursue this. Moreover, her dream that could not be fulfilled was to build a relationship with those who she thinks of as her equal. 

Makima’s Crimes

Makima has done various bad things in her life. Let’s look at those provided below: 

  • She is involved in mass killing. 
  • She has done desecration of dead bodies. 
  • It is quite unbelievable about Makima that she has done suicide attempt.
  • Apparently, being against evil but inside doing the same.
  • Being so strong psychologically, she mistreated her abilities. 
  • She used the tactic of brainwashing to get unfair advantages. 
  • She has the habit of abusing. 
  • She takes advantage of her charismatic personality. 

Makima’s Powers and Abilities

Makima possesses a lot of powers and abilities and thus enjoys the title of “Control Devil”. She is among the powerful devils that are available in stories. Let’s discuss her abilities and powers in detail:

Durability and Eternity

Makima is known by a name controlled devil and has various skills of being an immortal. SHe is known for bouncing back and never getting harmed or killed by anyone trying so. She has great recovery power and uses it after getting extremely wounded. It looks like she never felt anything harmful for her body. 

Makima’s recovery skills were evident when she fought against Gun Devil. She was extremely wounded and even got shot to be killed but she recovered from there like nothing happened to her. Moreover, she faced the same in her fight against Chainsaw Man and survived. It seemed like Makima was immortal because nearly escaped death 33 times. 

Observation and Transformation

Makima observed that after an agreement with the Japanese Prime Minister, most of the Japanese will die because of accidents. Moreover, when Makima attacks any of those people then they will get ill. This is shown when Makima Brutally killed Denji in their fight. 


Makima is great at manipulation. She makes other people fool by using her personality and charisma. She does not consider any other person a human but just a tool to use for her purpose. Moreover, she practices the same trick of manipulation on Denji to get advantage. Denji gets emotionally attached to her but she ditches him according to her plans. 

Mental manipulation 

Makima seems to have great manipulation skills to take advantage of other people or to make a deal with her. Moreover, she presents herself as a savior for others and works on the ability to present a horrible past to them. 

She demonstrated her brainwashing abilities when ANgel Devil restored his past memories. She used her abilities to escape from getting killed by him as he remembered everything happened with him in the past. Moreover, in the case of Aki who fell into the trap of Makima’s love without knowing her intentions behind this.


She is the authority member of Devil hunter Organization thus uses this power to assert her orders to other Devil Hunters. She gets her tasks done either because of her charismatic personality or fear of her title. 

She always uses her power of manipulation and brainwashing. Moreover, she does not hesitate to kick anyone out of the organization based on the violation of rules. She kicks out Devilman working on the same formula. In addition, she threatens Denji to do inhuman tasks to join people in their false mission. 

Charismatic Personality 

Makima enjoyed the benefit of her personality that looks so polite towards everyone. She uses the charisma of her personality to take advantage of others. She even ditched her fellow Devil Hunter and hinted that she is quitting the organization. This proved to be a trick to ditch Denji. Kishibe once decided to kill her but let her spare because of her apparent behavior with humans. 

Psychic Abilities

Makima enjoys strong psychic abilities to destroy and kill her opponents. She has the power to brutally kill them by just pointing her index finger towards them, positioning like a gun. Moreover, she shows these skills to crush Yazuka. Her immense powers were shown in a fight against Darkness DEvil that she made him wounded. In addition, she uses her psychic gun to send Chainsaw man into space. 

High Intelligence

Makima is one of the strongest devils existing here and also possesses a great level of intelligence. She uses creatures like birds or rats to gather information where she cannot reach. She shows her listening skills when after listening to Quanxi and Kishibe she identifies the culprits of Denji. 

She possesses a great memory thus knows about all the evils that have been erased from today’s world. While using her strong listening abilities she can understand people’s thoughts. This strong ability provides her edge to read minds and act accordingly. 


Makima has the great ability of healing even after lethal fights. It is being seen during many fights that she heals herself even after getting brutally attacked. In addition, when she had a fight with Darkness Devil, many people were killed and even Power was saved by Makima. 

Strong Smelling Power

Makima has a strong smelling power that she even recognizes people by just the smell they possess without even looking at them. This ability of Makima was even confirmed by Denji, who said that she even recognized the devils at her first glance. 

Controlling the Dead

This is the great ability that Makima possesses that she is able to transmit voice to anyone, even the dead. She talks to them and gets answers to her questions. SHe uses this ability during the fight with Gun Devil, when Makima has a conversation with the dead Devil Hunters. 

Hand-to-Hand Fight

Although, Makima possesses great ability of manipulation but also has the power of hand to hand fights. She shows her ability during a fight with Denji. She knocked out Pochita who had  a fight with Denji to fulfill her mission. 

Absorb Alcohol 

Although Makima consumes a lot of alcohol during the series but never gets drunk. She has the ability to resist that strongly. Moreover, it is seen in the series that the other people Aki, Kishibe or Himeno get drunk after having alcohol. 

Makima’s Goal

When the series started everyone assumed that Makima looked interested in Denji. Later, it is revealed that she likes Chainsaw man who is also known as the “Hero of Hell”. Moreover, Makima’s name resemblance to the name of a tool maker could be a reason for her attachment with Chainsaw man. 

By the start of the series, Makima’s personality depicts her hate towards evil. She wants a peaceful world with fear and death. Moreover, she makes false promises with Denji and even threatens him to not disobey her. Later, it was revealed that she was after Pochita, a real Chainsaw Man. 

However, Makima wants to eradicate the devil from the world and thus get attracted towards Chainsaw man. He is on a mission to erase devils. Moreover, Makima gets impressed by the power that Pochita possesses. So, it is clear that she wants to have a happy life with Pochita instead of Denji. Moreover, it is also clear to her that being a devil she cannot do that. 

Makima as a part of Horsemen 

Makima possesses a lot of individual powers yet has an association with The Four Horsemen. These four horsemen are extremely dangerous and play the role of devils. Moreover, they are similar to Apocalypse in Christian mythology. As, Pochita erased the devils yet these were the only devils whose existence is remembered. 

These four devils have different roles and names consist of  Control Devil, War Devil, Hunger Devil, and Death Devil. In addition, Makima was a Control Devil and also acted as an antagonist. WHile Yoru is presented as the War Devil who has a fight with Denji. So, being in this group reveals the power of Makima. 

Makima’s Weakness

Throughout the series, one thing that is evident is Makima does not have any weakness. This makes her so frightening among the other devils. Moreover, she possesses various abilities and powers that makes her distinguished among others. It is being said about her that she escaped from death 26 times. In addition, she once has been hit by a bullet on her head and she stands up right after that without having even a mark on her skin surface. 

Makima’s death in the Manga

Chapter 97 of the manga series reveals that Makima gets killed by Denji and Pochita. Denji gets to know about her weakness out of her strengths. Although it is Makima’s great ability to remember people with their fragrance, it becomes her weakness too. She only remembers the fragrance of her loved ones. Thus, Denji was not among her loved ones. 

Many people thought that this is the end of Control devil i.e. Makima. So, it is made clear that only those devils eaten by Pochita never come back but it is because of Denji. She could not survive the attack of Denji which he did with love. Moreover, she is invented again but this time as a Chinese girl named Nayuta. As being Nayuta, she possesses good intentions. 


To conclude, Makima is a strong and powerful lady having various abilities. She is a part of Four Horseman and acts as a Control Devil. She has proved her powers on various occasions in different fights. Sometimes, she uses her abilities in an unfair manner to take the advantage. Moreover, being the leader she has no tolerance over disobedience. She appears to have a love affair with Denji, but later in the series it gets clear that she is on a mission of taking advantage. Instead of Denji she loves Pochita also known as Chainsaw Man. Later in the series it was Denji who killed her along with the help of Pochita. In addition, she reappears with another name and identification. 

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