Kenjaku JJK: Unveiling the Enigmatic Antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen

Kenjaku JJK

Kenjaku also known as Suguru Geto is the antagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is among the fewest characters who has so much intrigue and fascination. He uses his magical technique as the ancient curse user and plays a pivotal role in the series. He possesses immense power, intelligence, and control over his abilities. 

He has great ability of inhabiting different abilities and inherited their identities. He has the ability to transplant his brain into other people to control their thoughts and actions. He inherited the blight of Kamo who is an expert in Cursed Womb. Moreover, he uses the corpse of his mother to exploit  Cursed Spirit Manipulation. 

Kenjaku’s Personality 

Kenjaku is not an individual entity but has various personalities under one character. Despite acting like different people, he remains calm and composed. He does not panic in any situation and has a hard core personality. He seems to be prepared in advance for any situation. He switches his personality very often to being joyful to someone very ambitious. 

Kenjaku is so uncaring and disinterested but seems to talk for long when the topic of his interest starts. He even talks to his enemies for small even longer talks. He seems to be proud of his abilities and thinks himself superior to the others. He taunts others and considers them inferior in front of him. Moreover, he can attack someone who does not agree to his opinions. 

Kenjaku does not believe in using power to manipulate other people’s opinions. He convinces them with his clever talks that everyone is working on a common goal thus they need to be united. Moreover, he has the ability to use other people to get his own purpose. He convinces people to work with him and not Satoru Gojo. In addition, he wants to enjoy the foreign power and also misguided them to join the Culling Game so they eventually lose their soldiers. 

Kenjaku has a working experience with Mahito’s group to learn the evil curses to rule the world. This was not the ultimate desire of Kenjaku but he wanted to stay aligned with them. He enjoyed his stay there by playing games and supporting others in their tasks. As Kenjaku was known to inherit other people’s personality but could not absorb Jogo, which is his regret. Furthermore, he did not let Yuji absorb Mahito’s strength but did himself. 

Kenjaku has so many abilities yet has curiosity. Moreover, he remained for hundreds of years yet fascinated by the possibility of cursed energy. He believes in his abilities that he can know the power of cursed energy and executes it completely. He looks at his ultimate goals and neglects the hurdles coming in between. 

Kenjaku and Tengen used to be friends but now Kenjaku has withdrawn from him. He lives a life of comparison. Moreover, he believes that the world is a cursed place to live despite living a thousand years over here. He neglects all the modern theories, philosophies and alliances of this world. He does not consider Japanese belief a true one because they are always on the verge of being destroyed. 

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Kenjaku’s Origin

Kenjaku’s true identity is not known to many and origin is also unknown which increases curiosity. He switches between various personalities thus at the start of the series he acts as Suguru Geto, an intimate friend of Satoru Gojo. Later in the series it is revealed that he is a ghostly character who has the power of various cursed souls. He seems to be terrible because of having various personalities inside of a single identity. 

Kenjaku’s Goals and Motivations

Kenjaku has a goal to create a world where all the cursed spirits and humans can stay together. It means that he does not want to have a partition between any of the living creatures and wants to lift all the barriers. Furthermore, he himself goes against his goals by killing innocent lives to fulfill his tactics to achieve his motives. Therefore, despite having greater motives, his personality represents the darker side of his nature as well. 

Powers and Abilities

Kenjuka is so powerful and has various powers and abilities. He is known for his cursed spirit which makes him a dangerous individual. Not only this but a great control over his abilities makes him different from the others. He shows technique of manipulation and uses powerful spells to destroy even the most skilled persons. He possess various abilities let’s talk about it in detail: 

Cursed Energy Manipulation

Kenjaku has great command over cursed energy. He can acquire and throw on the opponents with great precision and accuracy to destroy them. By using this ability he can construct barriers to not allow the enemies to enter his shell. Moreover, he can shape the battlefield according to his choice to get benefit out of it. He can easily throw devastating attacks to destroy opponents with ease. 

Domain Expansion

Kenjaku has a great ability for Domain Expansion. He can execute it with great control and precision. By using this technique he creates his own dimensions and has complete control over the environment there. So, it means that he can manage all the inhabitants of that expansion according to his desire. 

By using this ability, Kanjaku has the advantage of destroying the opponents and having control over space and time. So, by possessing this ability, he becomes too dangerous to compete in his domain. He can win battles easily because of the ability to dictate in his environment.

Curse Amplification

This is a dangerous as well as powerful ability of Kenjaku. By using this technique he can increase the power of curses and cause destruction to the opponents. This technique is all about transferring cursed energy to cursed objects. Kenjaku then becomes able to use those objects as a weapon to attack his enemies. 


Kenjaku is an evil spirit and has various strong abilities that make up his personality. In addition to all his abilities, the superior one is immortality. He becomes undefeatable in the battles against the enemies. Moreover , he has the tendency to survive even after having deadly injuries. This is his resistance power that he stands up even after with broken limbs. Furthermore, all lost bodies start to regenerate in no time and become fit even after being badly attacked. 

Body Possession

Kenjaku has the power to inhabit other people’s powers to have control over them. He captures the souls of other people to take advantage of himself. Therefore, he acts differently in different situations and also looks different. This ability grants him access to the knowledge and resources that other individuals possess therefore, Kenjaku becomes so strong. 

Illusion Manipulation

Kenjaku possesses a great ability of creating powerful illusions to deceive his opponents. Whenever he tries this technique accomplishes it successfully. This determines his ability to have control over his abilities. Moreover, his opponents find it difficult to differentiate reality from illusion and result in them making false decisions. Therefore, the wrong decisions of enemies benefit Kenjaku. Thus, he can control the battlefield and manipulate perceptions around him. 

Tactical Awareness

Kenjaku is known to be a great strategist who applies his tactics very well. He can easily manipulate others and by using his convincing ability makes others agree over his agenda. He can easily anticipate an opponent’s moves and stay ahead of them. In addition, he can easily judge the enemy’s weakness to convert it into his own strength. Therefore, he is able to win any battle out of any situation. 

Influence and Manipulation

Kenjaku does not believe in direct confrontations but operating from behind the scenes. He does come in front of others to show his personality but makes everything right for himself by staying hidden. He is known for his manipulations to fulfill his agenda.

He does not care about anyone’s life for getting his goal. His persuasive abilities are great that only work on common people but on those having greater strength than Kenjaku himself. It is because of the manipulation of Kenjaku that the jujutsu world gets destroyed. Kenjaku is the reason behind various conflicts and chaos. He is behind the disturbed balance of the magical world. 

Kenjaku’s Legacy 

Kenjaku is an important character of the series. Although he is an antagonist, the whole story revolves around him. In the “Jujutsu Kaisen,” he influences other characters and has great influence over their decisions. He has a complicated personality and complex motivations that adds depth in this series. 

He is the mysterious character at the beginning of the story. His personality traits unfold over a period of time. He does not like to compromise on his motives. It can easily be said his personality has a lasting impact on all the characters of the jujutsu world. 


To conclude, Kenjaku is an antagonist but his personality has various magical traits that makes him the central figure of “Jujutsu Kaisen.” He has vast numbers of power including: manipulation, body possession, domain expansion, etc. He uses his manipulative tactics throughout the series against protagonist. By using his convincing ability he changes other people’s decisions in his favor. He became the reason behind conflicts in the Jujutsu world. By capturing other people’s personality he causes illusion among the others. Furthermore, the ability to win hard battles is a great achievement for him. 

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