IGanony: Anonymously View Instagram Stories Without Getting Noticed


Do you want to see Instagram stories anonymously without getting noticed? Instagram is a popular social media app where everyone shares photos and videos. Now, Instagram has launched its stories features. Everyone shares their story of the day or even previous days. 

So, you want to keep an eye on someone anonymously and try to find an app which lets you do so. Yes, there’s such an app called IGanony that lets you do it. So, from now on you will be seeing any of the stories without getting online. This app is designed to keep you unrecorded among all the story viewers. 

IGanony an Overview

This word is a short form of the word “Instagram Anonymous”. By using this tool one can easily watch anyone’s story without revealing identity. So, this tool is amazing to use for anyone to keep them unnoticed. 

If you are curious to watch anyone’s story and worried about the revelation of your identity, then it is better to choose IGanony. It keeps your privacy from the content holder and does not let you be seen. So, that’s how your curiosity can be met while keeping you hidden. 

How to use IGanony?

This tool is quite simple to use for beginners as well as experts. Follow the below provided guidelines to use IGanony and start your journey of being anonymous. 

  • Type IGanony and open the website where the tool is placed. 
  • Copy the username or URL of the account of which you want to watch the stories anonymously and paste it in the provided search bar. 
  • Tap “Watch anonymously” and the results will start generating. 
  • You will get available stories of that account holder. 
  • Tap on the story you want to watch and enjoy without getting noticed. 
  • Moreover, you can easily download the watched story, post, or any video from that account. 

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Features of iGanony

There are some amazing features which can be accessed while using this tool. Take a look at below provided features: 

User-Friendly Interface

IGanony has an amazing interface which can be easily accessed by users. There is no complex procedure of signing up and does not require any additional information. By following the simple above provided process you can use this tool. 

Explore Instagram 

For using IGanony, you do not have the need to have an Instagram account and have access to all its features. You can still watch stories and reels of the person you want to by just putting their name. IGanony will open the history of reels updated in the last 24 hours. Moreover, you can not only watch the reels but also download it without needing any additional tool. 

Comprehensive Accessibility

IGanony is loveable among the users because of its compatibility with various devices. You can have access to it not only on android but on PC and iOS as well. This comprehensive compatibility makes it more user friendly. 

It is not any app which you can download on your device but just a simple online tool which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. 

Easy Downloading 

The best feature of IGanony is that it lets you download your favorite pictures and movies from Instagram. From now on you do not need any additional tool to download the media. So, download any video in MP4 format and photos in JPEG. 

Privacy Protection 

To keep the privacy of Instagram users, IGanony does not allow you to watch the stories of any celebrity. It respects the right of privacy of those users. So, do not get worried if at some point of time you do not get access to anyone’s content. It might be because of privacy protection. 

No login required 

IGanony is concerned about the privacy of the user also. One might feel hesitant to provide personal credentials, it is their right to feel so. You do not have to face any login process. You can simply open the website and start using it. 

Safe and private 

You do not need to have your instagram account to watch the stories. You can do it by using the IGanony stories viewer. It won’t leave any footprint of the user to get detected. You can watch any of the stories you want to privately. 

Advantages Of IGanony

There are various advantages of IGanony which are discussed below: 

  • You can easily watch other people’s stories without getting logged into your Instagram account. 
  • You can read or watch stories of any of the people you don’t even know. 
  • It is an amazing platform which lets you watch other people’s stories without getting you identified. 
  • It keeps your footprints safe and secure. 
  • It allows you to monitor the activities of individuals you want to without even needing to follow them. 
  • You can use  iGanony’s extensive stories database to browse stories globally. 

Alternatives for iGanony

IGanony is an amazing and user friendly platform for all the users. It provides you an opportunity to browse the history of anyone you want. There are few alternatives available for IGanony, it is better to explore them and choose the best for you. Below is the list of alternatives: 

  • Profile Analyzer
  • Insta Spy
  • InstaStories Viewer
  • Insta Lookup
  • Insta Xyz

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there any issue in using IGanony? 

It is risky to use IGanony to watch anyone’s personal content. So, it can be unsafe. 

Is IGanony free to use?
Yes, it is available free of cost. 

Do I need to Install any application to use IGanony?

No, this is an online tool and you do not have to download any of the applications. 

Which devices are compatible with IGanony? 

It is compatible with computers, laptops, android, as well as iOS. 


To conclude, IGanony allows you to watch posts, reels, and stories of any of the Instagram users without creating an account. You do not have to download any of the apps to download videos because IGanony allows you to do that. You do not have to reveal your identity to the user and keep on watching their content. So, if you want to spy anyone, IGanony is the platform to do so.

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