GTA 6 Price Rumors: Speculations and Expectations for the Cost of Grand Theft Auto 6

GTA 6 Price

Every lover of gaming is waiting for the opportunity of pre-ordering Grand Theft AUto (GTA) 6. So, the question that might be in everyone’s mind is how much the game can cost. It is a highly anticipated game and one can assume that it will be the best selling game of the year 2025. 

After the release of the official trailer of GTA 6, fans started speculation regarding the game. According to stats that it cost $2 billion to develop, it can be the expensive release of this series. According to an estimation the price could be around $150, which may turn down some fans. 

Game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6
Release platformsPS5 , Xbox Series X|S
Release 2025
Developers Rockstar Games
GenreGaming, Action & adventure

GTA 6’s Rumored Price

As soon as the game got released the pricing rumors got hiked quickly. Among the various rumors about the game, the biggest cost of GTA 6 was almost $150. There is not any confirmed news regarding the cost nor has any official platform told the players about it. After seeing the development cost up to $2 billion fans are convinced that that price tag will be higher than usual. 

The GTA series has been an expensive gaming experience for the users so fans are ready for the cost. If the rumors against game price are true that it cannot make players buy at the launching event. Moreover, the current gaming price is almost $70 so, the fans speculate that the price will be in between $80-$90 at launch. 

Although the prices are not revealed yet but seeing the trend it can be estimated well over above $70. GTA 5 was released in 2013 for PS3 and later for PS$ at the price of $60. The development costs and publishers are the main reasons for charging high prices for games. 

Publishers of GTA have already released games like NBA 2K24 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns at not $60 but $70. So, the trends of higher developing cost of GTA 6 are suggesting the high price but the developers may keep it within the range. 

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What is the GTA 6 release date?

Fans have been speculating for a very long time the release of Rockstar’s GTA 6. However the release of the trailer has raised many speculations and fans are eagerly waiting for the greatest release. From the latest trailer and the talks of 2 investors the release window is speculated to be the first quarter of 2025.

The trailer confirmed the release in 2025 but the date was further narrowed down to a fiscal 2025. The fiscal year is from April to April so the estimated release date of GTA 6 is between January to April. 

When fans look at the other official releases of Rockstar of recent times, they launch in either September or November. So, fans might face delays in the release last quarter of 2025. All these are speculations and not any concrete evidence so looking forward to official trailer 2 can make things clear. 

GTA 6 set

GTA 6 is set in the assumed state of Leonida which is also part of Vice City. There is a resemblance between the real and the fictional world of Florida. Various important locations and events of Miami and Swampland are also reinvented in it. 

Fans are loving the divergence from Los Santos and they have welcomed the change with open arms. According to the claims of Rockstar , GTA 6 has the most diverse world that the fans have not seen in the GTA games. Fans loved the Vice City but they will also see the new release and invest a lot of time there to explore new corners. 

GTA 6- Pre order

Although the pre-order abilities are not yet clear by Rockstar but the previous records tells that it happens a few months before the game release. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 got released in 2018 and pre-order started before the 130 days of release. According to the rumored first quarter 2025 release of GTA 6, fans can enjoy a pre-order in the last quarter of 2024. 

Moreover, the pre-order comes with various incentives that are also yet to be disclosed by Rockstar. For GTA 5 the pre order bonus was  instant access to the Atomic Blimp vehicle and also a coupon for enjoying 75% discount on any Rockstar release. According to speculations, gamers can have access to vehicles as weapons for pre-order. 

GTA 6 map

GTA 6 map is based on the city of Florida having various areas of Vice city. The area is almost double the size of GTA 5. The state of Florida is almost 140 km while GTA 5 was 75km. It means that the fans can enjoy even bigger maps in GTA 6 which will require more explorations. 

According to reports initially the plan was to cover North and South America in the map but the developers cut back the plan to restrict it to just the state of Florida. 

GTA 6 Characters

Looking at the trailer of the GTA 6, it is revealed that the game is based on two characters one is Lucia while the male character is unnamed. They seem to be thieves and looking for money they can get by robbing. Unlike the GTA 5 when there were 3 characters and can be used alternatively and creating multi-layered plots. 

It is evident that there will be another side of the players as well portraying the army side. Although the protagonist is less in number, they might be switched with one another to build a storyline. 

Platforms of GTA 6 

According to sources, and the two main developers, the game will be available on PS5 and Xbox series X. Following the trend of Rockstar the game will not be available on the old platforms like PS4 or XBOX 1. Moreover, the game will not be initially available for PC but may be after a year developers decide to do it. 


To conclude, there is no official release date of GTA 6 but according to speculation it will be the first quarter of 2025. Moreover, seeing the previous trends of Rockstar the release window can be September to November. Although the pre-order bonuses are also not revealed yet it might be the weapons or vehicles. The map of the game will be covering the state of Florida and even double GTA 5. The trailer suggests the 2 protagonists look like thieves. Few more trailers will make things more clear. 

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