Gojo Satoru: Unveiling the Legendary Jujutsu Sorcerer’s Powers and Evolution

Gojo Satoru

Satoru Gojo who is considered to be the strongest of all. He is a widely known personality and performed a role of protagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is known for being the pride of Goju Clan. He had 6 equally powerful eyes and became the first person in 400 years to have that. 

He surpassed King of Curses Sukun in terms of strength. He was so ambitious to protect the world from all the evil spirits who harmed it. After knowing the flawed structure of Jujutsu Sorcerer society, he decided to take charge. He decided to be a teacher to pass the strategies to young allies to be powerful and protective.  

Let’s discuss the main attributes of her personality that made him the one well known. His appearance, personality traits, strengths, abilities, and wars in which he participated are discussed below: 


Satoru is a handsome boy with sharp physical features which makes him more attractive. He is a tall, slim but muscular man in his late twenties. His hair color is snow-white and has 6 eyes of vivid blue color. His eyes are more unusual than the other so he keeps that covered with a black blindfold. He keeps his hair in a spike form. Moreover, sometimes instead of blindfolding he wears glasses and hair on his neck. 

While at work, he wears a blue zipper jacket with broad collars. Moreover, with black narrow fitted pants the black boots are mandatory. Although he wears blindfolds, before that he covers his eyes with bandages. After work, there are various casual looks that he adopts while using sunglasses. Moreover, he wears costly and sophisticated clothes. When being a student in Tokyo Jujutsu High, he wore a uniform with sunglasses. 


There are different phases of Satoru’s personality which he eventually evolves time after time. He began to understand things in a better way which helped him in becoming a better individual. Let’s uncover the transformations of his personality: 


When Satoru was in school he was great in his abilities of magic. Although he was extremely talented yet over confident of his magical powers. He was confident that he can’t be beaten by anyone. Although this was the case, he was quite judgemental about himself. 

He could not see anyone being weak in magical powers. He thought himself to be the strongest individual not among earth but heaven too. His arrogance arose to unmatched heights when he perfectly executed the reverse cursed technique in a battle against Toji Fushiguro. 

Satoru was so confident about his abilities that in intense battles he often fell into a different fighting state. He was determined to win all the battles every time which was a proof of his abilities. He was so aggressive in his fighting style which made him dominatie the battle with his masterful techniques. 


Although Satoru was very arrogant of his abilities, there was a human side as well. He made close friendships with Suguru Geto and Shoko despite his arrogance. Moreover, without sharing his moralities he built up a great friendship with Suguru. Moreover, there was a change in his nature which shifted his views regarding the weak people. He started feeling sympathy for those instead of anger. 

Despite being arrogant and considering himself the greatest of all, Satoru felt sad over Riko’s death. He was quite sad and regretful that he could not save her life. Moreover, when he noticed the Star Religious members who were laughing over her death, it made Satoru so angry. He never thought for a second before killing them. For this purpose his empathetic transformation never came in between. 


Riko’s death transformed Satoru’s personality completely. Suguru’s personality shifted so negatively that he became ruthless after Riko’s death. Moreover, Satoru decided to abandon the previous ways of living. He turned into a more compassionate and selfless person. He changed his ways of living by not hating the weak instead of helping them. He thought that he must use his power to protect the weak to keep balance. 


Satoru’s personality shifted from being arrogant to a protector. He started using skills against the oppressors who killed operessed. He changed his purpose of being a jujutsu sorcerer from being the strongest to being a good human. 

He never worried about going into any life threatening mission for saving lives of those who could not defend themselves. He did these kinds of tasks not for glory but on humanitarian grounds. He found a new mission to defeat curse and promote humanity. His shifted behavior made him a better human than Suguru.


Satoru was so genuine about his ideas and thoughts. He never adopted the habits to be a man of glory instead of self satisfaction. He adopted a moral code to not kill anyone without any purpose. Moreover, he was not willing to accept Suguru Ruthless behavior. 

Satoru was so committed towards his rules of protecting the weak. It was his genuineness that he killed his dear friend Suguru who did not follow the humanitarian rule. As he was not keeping balance in the world and killing those who were not having magical powers. 

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Despite the shifts in Satoru’s personality his self-confidence has not shaken up. Where he wanted to be strongest of all now wanted to create a balance in the world. He was aware of the fact that he cannot change the world. 

He wanted to be the protector but cannot always do that so he decided to opt teaching. He decided to pass on his knowledge to others to make others equally stronger so they can fight for themselves instead of waiting for outside’s help. In addition, he mentioned that he would not mind if anyone surpassed him in knowledge. 

Abilities and Powers

Goju was so powerful even in his student life. His abilities were unmatched and superior to others. He made friendships with those who matched his abilities and then transformed himself better than those as well. Once he got defeated by Tuji Furshigo which made him realize his true abilities. Moreover, Suguru also considered him the best. 

Goju was so skillful that no one challenged him directly. Everyone knew that he could easily beat them. He once battled with Ryoumen Sukana and easily won it even prior to having his full powers. Moreover, Goju claimed that he can beat Suguru too who was considered to be the best at Jujutsu society. 

Expert Hand-to-Hand Fighter

Satoru was a master of cursed energy but also a talented martial artist. He has amazing physical power that helped him in contests. Moreover, in a conversation with Gege Akutami it was clear that the skills of Satoru matched with the  millennia-old Kenjaku in terms of hand to hand fighting. 

He was famous for combats because of not using any cursed energy. He has the abilities to overpower both Jogo and Hanami in close encounters. Moreover, in a fight with Sukuna, Satoru stands out to be powerful and easily encounters the opponent’s attack. He fought with Yuji and Maki and won in just 3 minutes. All these fights declared him the powerful King or Curses. 

Enormous Power

The extreme physical strengths of Satoru made him stand out against all the opponents. His fight with Jogu, with his powerful punch, caused him severe injuries. Moreover, it was his power that he could easily tear apart every limb of the human body. His skills were so powerful that even the injuries caused by his punch could not recover Uraume even after using the Reverse Cursed Technique. 

The other fight with Sukuna was also an amazing show of skills by Satoru. Satoru was able to deal with all injuries which shows his power and enduring abilities while Sukuna was unconscious. These amazing strengths were not even achieved by Yuji and Maki where just the 2 powerful punches of Satoru made Mahoraga completely stunned. 

Extreme Rapidity and Reflexes

Satoru was of the same level as Toji Fushiguro in fast fighting skills. He outsmarted Jogo with his fast punches and kicks. Moreover, his ability to react to punches was so smart that he could easily kill thousands of humans in just five minutes of fighting. When fighting with Uraume, Sukuna intervened for protection elsewise Satoru had killed him. In addition, the hand to hand fight with Sukuna, Satoru proved to be more speedy. 

Extreme Endurance

It was quite rare to put Satoru in any threatening situation. He has extreme endurance and resilience to face any hard punches. When fighting with Toji he got a severe punch but was able to survive. He was injured badly but using reversed cursed technique made him even more powerful and to save his life.

Few years later, fighting with Sukuna, he got severe injuries still overpowered by using the techniques that he learnt. Moreover, he was healed instantly even after losing so much blood. He fought till the end with great efficiency and got enough time to recover. 

Superior Tactical Intelligence

Satoru is so smart to figure out opponent’s action and to fight back on time. He always found out ways to counter opponent’s technique and defeat them. Fighting with opponents like Jogo, Hanami, Choso and Mahito he showed great tactical skills. He was super fast, great fighting ability, strategy to protect buildings, and protecting civilian life with his strategies of dodging. 

Satoru’s Mastered Techniques and Abilities 

Satoru is powerful among all and has mastered various techniques while staying in Jujutsu. His masterful techniques are listed below: 

Cursed energy manipulation

Immeasurable Cursed Energy

He was so powerful and talented to use technique of domain expansion five times a day. Moreover, all the other sorcerers could only use it one time. He was even to mix up positive and negative cursed energy even in a split of seconds. 

Black flash 

The power of Satoru used to apply the magic of black flash within 0.000001 seconds. Satoru used a Black Flash technique in a fight against Sukuna and dealt with it comfortably. It is stated that he used this power at least four times.  

Inherited techniques


This is one of the inherited techniques that Satoru uses to fight against his opponents. Through this technique the user has complete control over space and manipulates atomic energy.


This is again a valuable inherited skill which is used to slow down the procedure of limitless. Moreover, Satoru used this technique to slow down the things being thrown to him. 

Cursed Technique Lapse Blue

This inherited technique of Goju allows him to set the world to auto-correct mode. This technique is applied with limitless. 

Cursed Technique Reversal Red

This technique is opposite to blue and even more destructive. The ability at which the world is brought closer with blue this red technique destruct in a more adverse manner. 

Hollow Technique Purple

This hollow technique is allowed to reverse the effects of Limitless. 

Six Eyes

These six eyes are helpful for Goju in the right application of Limitless technique. Moreover, there are different other benefits of it in applying many other techniques perfectly and to stay protected from opponent attacks. 

Reverse Cursed Technique 

Satoru used this technique for the first time after a severe fight with Toji. He became a master of this technique in his third year of being a student. After getting mastered to it he was so good at it more than any expert of the field. 

Barrier technique 

By using this technique Satoru was able to restrict someone from going to any area. He used to make barriers for others to restrict them. 

Anti Domain Technique 

Satoru had learned this technique in his childhood but never applied it before fighting with Sukuna. This technique has the ability to nullify the opponent’s attack. If the attack is powerful from opposition then the impact can be minimized. 

Domain expansion 

Through this ability Satoru was able to restrict or control the thoughts of others. It was beneficial to make people think limited but not endless. Moreover, he was able to apply the effect in just 0.2 seconds. 


To conclude, Satoru is a powerful character with various abilities. He has won many battles even from those considered to be more powerful than him. Moreover, he was so proud of his abilities at the start of his journey and later transformed into a matured individual. He started to use his ability to protect weaker people instead of hating them. He was habitual of performing techniques precisely to protect any additional harms. He always tries to avoid any unnecessary damage to buildings and other human lives during his fights.

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