Duotrigordle: A Challenging Twist on Wordle for Puzzle Enthusiasts


Are you a puzzle lover and want to enjoy solving hard puzzles? Yes, Duotrigordle is a platform for you to provide new puzzles after every 5 hours to all the lovers. It is quite challenging as well and tougher than it seems like. 

Duotrigordle can be considered as the difficult version of Wordle for all the puzzle enthusiasts. So, if you are tired of playing only traditional puzzle games then Duotrigordle is one for you to try and reach new levels by using your mind. 

What is Duotrigordle? 

It is a tough puzzle game in which the player is provided with the alphabets to make word combinations. In the game, players have a maximum of 37 guesses out of which they have to make at least 32 words. 

There are four boards and a single alphabet that you select moves to all those. Players can concentrate on only one board at a time. Moreover, it is recommended to focus on colored hints and go block by blocks by following hints. So, players have to find out maximum hints they can to be at the top of the table. 

Instructions to play Duotrigordle

Follow the below provided step by step guide to play the game. 

  1. You will be provided an on-screen keyboard, use that to type a first letter.
  2. The letter that the player will type gets automatically updated on the other boards as well. 
  3. There will be five boxes in the row, place a 5 letter word and press enter. 
  4. Colored hints are provided to player to get indications i.e. Green, yellow and Grey. 
  5. Green means that the player has chosen the right combination of letters. 
  6. Yellow means that the letters are correct but placement is wrong. 
  7. Grey means that the selected letters are not used in words. 
  8. There are 32 hidden words and 4 boards that the players have to guess in 37 attempts. 
  9. Those who will solve the puzzle in less time will get an opportunity to get top of the table. 

Modes of Duotrigordle Game

The game was designed by Brian Chen in 2022 following the model of Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, Octordle. This game is more complex than all the others. There are two modes of the game: 

Practice Mode

In the practice mode, players are provided with unlimited guesses to play the game. Those who are just joining this platform are advised to play the practice mode of Duotrigordle to get experience. 

Challenge Mode

In this mode, players are provided with a fixed number of guesses. Moreover, the puzzles get updated after five hours making it difficult for players. So, those who do well in practice mode have the chance to hit the table in the challenge mode of Duotrigordle. 

Why play this game?

This game is a great opportunity for those who want to test their mind skills. Players take it as a challenge to compete and pass the level in the provided 37 guesses to be above all in the table. So, it’s a mind training game to solve as many puzzles as one can. 

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duotrigordle Free?

Yes, this game is available online so, one can play it easily without paying a penny for it. 

Is the Duotrigordle Game tougher than Wordle? 

Yes, this game is more complex and tests the players abilities. 

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